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On-Demand Webinar | Migrate to Office 365 or Upgrade to SharePoint 2019?

If you are currently running SharePoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 in your organization, you know you’ll need to plan your move forward.  

But to what version?  Continue with the on-premise route and upgrade to SharePoint Server 2019? Move to the cloud with SharePoint Online in Office 365?

As with any major decision, the answer is “it depends.” Some organizations have adopted a cloud-first strategy and will naturally focus on migrating to Office 365, looking forward to enjoying the latest features and accepting that some rework of their customized SharePoint solutions will be necessary. Others may have a corporate directive to retain highly sensitive or compliance-related content on-premise, making the decision to upgrade to SharePoint Server 2019 easy.  For most organizations running an older version of SharePoint the decision is more nuanced and requires analysis of the risks, rewards, and costs to make the final decision. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the pros and cons of SharePoint 2019 and Office 365, watch this on-demand webinar.

In the webinar, Joel Oleson, MVP reviews why your organization should:

  • Upgrade to SharePoint 2019
  • Migrate to Office 365 SharePoint Online
  • Consider Hybrid SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online

Ingrid Camill, our SharePoint Practice Manager, also provides insight on what to expect in the migration or upgrade process.

If you are an IT or business leader considering a SharePoint migration and want to begin to envision which path is best, this is one webinar you will want to watch!

migrate to sharepoint-2019-0365


Joel Oleson
Joel Oleson
Microsoft MVP & Regional Director

ingrid camill
Ingrid Camill
SharePoint Practice Manager

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Platinum Sponsors of the SharePoint Saturday San Diego 2019

General Networks is officially the Platinum sponsor of the SharePoint Saturday San Diego event happening on January 19th 2019. The event is expected to be one of the largest SharePoint Saturdays of the year with guest speakers flying in from all over the world to share their expertise in the SharePoint and Office 365 space.

Of those speakers, our very own Director of Professional Services, Owen Runnals, will be presenting what’s new in SharePoint Communications Sites including branding, layouts and customizations. He’ll be showing off some features that will have just been deployed to SharePoint Online in December. This is Owen’s second year speaking at this event.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet Owen and some of our SharePoint experts at our booth throughout the day where you can find out more about how General Networks SharePoint services can help you overcome your SharePoint challenges.

SharePoint Saturday San Diego is a free event, but be sure to register online

We look forward to seeing you in January!

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SharePoint Case Study document management

SharePoint Case Study | Replacing a Legacy Document Management System with a Customized SharePoint Solution

SharePoint Case Study


General Networks was asked to replace a legacy document management system with a SharePoint-based solution for a public policy research organization. First, we conducted an environment assessment and user interviews and discovered the Project Management department had been using an old version of Oracle I/PM for document archiving and project proposal approval. The system, which had a high user approval rating, had not been updated in many years. IT felt the system was unsupportable and didn’t want to commit the financial and personnel resources to an Oracle upgrade.

The organization was already using SharePoint for team collaboration. As a result, General Networks had a better chance of obtaining the organization’s buy-in to move forward with implementing a SharePoint document management solution.

First, we identified the following implementation challenges, as the organization needed to: Continue reading…

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Out-of-the-Box SharePoint Intranet Sites Don’t Always Cut it

Learn How to Take It Up a Notch with No Code and No Fuss

Companies naturally want to improve internal communication within their organization, and SharePoint is a great tool to do just that, but out-of-the-box SharePoint intranet sites often lack the pizazz needed to engage employees. Basically, SharePoint out-of-the-box creates pages in one of three different ways: Continue reading…

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Microsoft Ignite SharePoint Must See Session List

General Networks sent several consultants to the Microsoft Ignite conference to keep up on all things SharePoint and Office 365. Below you’ll find some of our highlight sessions. If you were able to get to Ignite and missed some of these or if you weren’t able to make it at all, we highly recommend you take the time to watch our list of must see sessions:

Continue reading…

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Impact of Mobile Technologies on ECM

According to Pew Research Center over 58% of American adults have smartphones and over 42% own tablets. At the same time internet usage through PCs has been overtaken by mobile devices according to comScore. IDC, a global market intelligence firm, forecasts tablet shipments will surpass total PC shipments on an annual basis by the end of 2015. The facts and figures undeniably point towards an ever increasing adoption of mobile technologies in our daily lives.
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Content Management Challenges for the Utilities Sector

A utility company is a combination of many businesses:  It is a construction company, an engineering firm, a property manager, a lobbyist, a law firm, a billing service, a marketing and communications business, and an owner/operator of large infrastructure investments all wrapped into one.  Sharing information in this environment is a challenge, because most departments in the organization have developed specific and often walled-off line-of-business applications for their business processes.
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SharePoint Implementation Pitfalls to Avoid




On paper, SharePoint has a lot going for it. To date, it has sold more than 100 million licenses that are used by 17,000 companies worldwide. It has the full power of Microsoft behind it, and users can create a customized environment to meet their individual business needs. It can help build collaboration among different departments, speed up data collection and integrate with various applications to improve business processes. However, these and other benefits can only happen if you have a vision in place, a partner who can design and manage the implementation, and an understanding, companywide, of what SharePoint is and what it can offer your business. Sound good so far? Okay, let’s examine some pitfalls to avoid, so you can enjoy a successful implementation.
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