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Big Data in the Real World: Retail

It’s no secret that the retail industry has faced drastic changes over the past decade.   Trends ranging from changing demographics (Millennials replacing Baby Boomers as primary customers), online sales growth while brick and mortar revenues decline, an increase in major security breaches affecting millions of customers, and customer experience failures (and wins) broadcast through social media. All of these affect the way major retailers, as well as mom and pop shops, do business today.
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What is Big Data? And Why Is It Important to Me?


Similar to the term, “The Cloud”, there is confusion as to what “Big Data” really means.

  • Is it a product?
  • Is it a set of tools?
  • Do only big businesses have Big Data?
  • Haven’t businesses always had big data repositories to deal with it?
  • What font size is Big Data?

OK, the last question really isn’t one you likely have been asking yourself, but the others are a possibility.
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