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9 Reasons You Should Use SharePoint as a Content Management System

SharePoint is an effective and flexible content management system that can take your organization beyond basic file storage. Here’s 9 reasons to consider using a SharePoint content management system for your organization.

1) Eliminate Collaborating on Documents Through Email

At its core, SharePoint is a document collaboration tool. SharePoint eliminates the messiness of the back-and-forth emailing of documents and other files. Store and share the file from a SharePoint document library and all stakeholders can add their content and provide feedback on the draft simultaneously. Continue reading…

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Enterprise Search – the Road to Optimizing Corporate Data Discoverability

For the past several years, the search spotlight has been focused on optimizing the discoverability of content on the public internet. The super powers of web search— including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing —have been duking it out for clicks and attention for years. Although it may get less press, information and technology executives everywhere have actually been trying to emulate data discoverability of both structured and unstructured corporate data as well —but with limited success. Ultimately, internal information discovery is all about enterprise search, and it is often the key to optimizing efficiency and productivity in an organization. Continue reading…

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