Security Point Solutions

Securing networks and patching vulnerabilities are not activities that drive your business’s bottom line.  But having a secure system does prevent downtime and data loss. This is why General Networks has focused on cost-effective solutions from our trusted technology partners to deliver information security solutions for end user awareness, anti-virus, anti-intrusion, data loss prevention, and secure access.

  • Train your employees to spot malicious links, websites, attachments, and downloads as the first line of defense in your network. Test their vulnerability with mock phishing emails and provide training for those who click on suspicious links.
  • Secure your network against unexpected downtime and data loss by installing anti-virus on PCs and servers. Let us manage patching and definition updates with GenCare Managed Support services.
  • Prevent employees from accidentally or intentionally leaking confidential, personal, or proprietary data through use of USB drives, copy and paste, cloud synchronization, print, or CD/DVD creation.
  • Secure web-facing portals tied to Active Directory by adding a second factor of authentication. General Networks uses your employee’s existing cell phone to deliver a text upon successful login, meaning even if credentials are compromised, bad actors would not gain access to your systems.

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