GenCare Security

Do you have a written IT security policy? Rather than blindly trusting your system’s security to hold, General Networks’ GenCare Security gets you in control of security:

  • What can go wrong?
  • What are we going to do about it?
  • How are we going to document and enforce that?

Stop Playing Whack-A-Mole

New vulnerabilities pop up all the time, and small businesses are handed a mallet and asked to whack away.

So the question becomes this: “You and your IT systems – who owns who?”  With GenCare Security you have ownership over your critical systems when:

  • A laptop or cell phone is lost
  • An email account is breached
  • A password is compromised
  • A malicious email is received
GenCare Security: Is this your security pla?

GenCare Security Solution Benefits

Realize integrated visibility and protection across clouds with GenCare Security Posture Management and Workload Protection Platform solutions.

Develop and secure your all your apps with our application security services.

General Networks monitors and controls user activities and data across all your apps.  It’s all documented to give you security that gets out of your way and helps your employees get work done.

Benefits to Your Organization

Don’t Overwork Your Staff

IT departments or your staff with IT responsibilities, especially those that belong to smaller businesses, have many duties. Security is important, of course, but it is only the beginning of having a useful IT department. By utilizing GenCare Security, you can lessen the stress on your staff that deal with security.  Let General Networks handle your security so your staff can focus on your business operations.

Effectively Secure your Data

First, do not misconstrue; there are certain businesses that are capable of in-house security but for those whose industry is not security, you don’t want to risk your reputation and the sensitivity of your clients’ information. If there is even one hiccup, all future interactions with your company will be guarded, as customers will fear there are threats looming within every transaction. Thus, to save yourself and your customers from unnecessary stress, pass the burden into the capable hands of General Networks and GenCare Security.

Implement GenCare Security Today with General Networks

It is extremely apparent that the more expertise you have in your corner, especially when it comes to digital and cloud security, the better. Adding extra layers of insight into your decision to protect yourself, your business, and your customers is never the wrong decision; especially when you are backed by an industry-leading IT integrator. Because we have the expertise to weave together and implement best of breed products from major security providers, General Networks is a good choice when choosing a partner to implement GenCare Security to protect your valuable business assets.

As an example of our insight and thorough dedication to cloud-based solutions and our IT passion, we’ve outlined a quick summary of our approach to security utilizing GenCare Security.

  • We use a baseline that covers the most common threats to your security, on every device, in every application.
  • We establish a single-sign on identity and access to keep things simple for your employees.
  • We employ soft security measures that favor users, rather than hard ones, which often stop businesses from running. Soft security uses context to identify the difference in risky and trusted scenarios, in the background, so businesses can stay in the foreground.
  • We talk about your dynamic and real scenarios, instead of stuffing you into a statistic and using static security requirements to construct our security protocol.
  • We use a policy-based approach that everyone can understand. This approach includes the expertise of business leaders, auditors, security experts, and your employees.
  • Our system defines the policy and its limits based on points that are meaningful to your business, not your technology.
  • We move away from the inherently non-secure passwords that have been plaguing helpdesks and users for decades.
  • We achieve this with a simple per user cost model.
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