Software AG webMethods Environment

Upgrading a Software AG webMethods Environment

With SoftwareAG’s frequent webMethods release schedule, it can sometimes feel like you’ve not quite stabilized your environment from one upgrade, when another is quickly approaching. Planning or considering your next webMethods upgrade? General Networks’ team of webMethods consultants are here to help. Using our proven upgrade methodology, we have been able to consistently and efficiently deliver on our commitments to our clients, time and time again. Our approach to upgrades has been battle tested in highly complex webMethods environments in F100 global organizations. In addition to careful review and planning, we employ several levels of testing, including the implementation of a test harness, to ensure that your upgrade goes live with minimal risk. By including a test harness framework in our upgrade services, our clients not only reduce risk for the current upgrade effort but will also reduce costs and risks in future upgrades.


General Networks’ Upgrade Services and Methodology

During the analysis and assessment phase of a webMethods upgrade, our team will also identify and recommend ways to optimize your current environment.  One of those areas is virtualization. It is our experience that many organizations can improve efficiency and reduce costs by virtualizing their webMethods environment concurrently with an upgrade under certain circumstances.

The benefits to virtualizing your environment include:

  • Streamlined maintenance
  • Greater stability
  • Elasticity

Certainly, virtualizing and upgrading concurrently introduces complexity and higher risk that must be identified, accounted for and mitigated properly.  There are instances, however, where performing the two in parallel makes sense. When carefully planned and executed, virtualization during an upgrade effort produces substantial time and cost savings to an organization.  As an example, your existing webMethods infrastructure might reside on Linux boxes and you’re planning to virtualize to Linux VM’s.  In this case, the OS remains fairly constant, helping to minimize the risk.  Since both upgrades and virtualization require system testing and user acceptance testing it may make sense to combine the efforts.  We would make this evaluation during our assessment phase.

Whether you are considering a webMethods upgrade, virtualizing your environment, custom development/integration or would like to engage a reliable, knowledgeable team to support your webMethods implementation on a short term or on-going basis, General Networks can help.  With two webMethods Server releases per year promised by SoftwareAG, the General Networks’ team can help you build a foundation to take advantage of the improved features and functionality being offered, while minimizing the costs and time drain on your team.

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