Software AG webMethods Integration Platform

The SoftwareAG webMethods Integration Platform is a proven middleware software suite that enables enterprises to quickly integrate applications, systems and business partners.

webMethods Application Integration

The webMethods Integration Platform provides application adapters allowing you to easily connect to any system with any application with little to no coding. The webMethods Integration Platform can be used for enterprise application integration into SAP systems, Oracle, MS SQL and many others. The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) serves as a messaging backbone for your enterprise with guaranteed delivery, messaging, adapters and monitoring. Below are some of the benefits from using webMethods Integration:

  • Reduced integration costs and development time
  • Increased business agility
  • Better end-to-end visibility across systems

webMethods Trading Networks

webMethods Trading Networks centralizes your supply chain management process allowing you to easily manage partner profiles. It is a B2B gateway that allows you to exchange B2B documents worldwide. It supports all EDI document standards as well as XML-based standards such as CXML. webMethods Trading Networks allows you to automate your B2B transactions leveraging secure AS2 real-time https protocols. Below are some of the benefits from using webMethods Trading Networks:

  • More efficient and secure exchange of critical B2B data
  • Improved partner collaboration and customer satisfaction
  • Increased visibility into critical partner-centric data exchanges

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