GenCare Support Levels Table

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Feature Description GenCare GenCare+ GenCareTotal
Remote Monitoring Our remote monitoring system lets us know about problems with your network environment before they affect you
Reporting Our automated systems will generate reports on items that threaten the performance, security, or integrity of your network environment
Phone and Email Tech Support We will provide unlimited normal business hours phone and email post sales tech support with these plans. Optional
Remote Management Our management system allows our engineers to take control of network devices and perform remote fixes that allows remote remediation of more than 2/3 of your incidents Optional
Anti-virus and spyware protection We install and maintain anti-spy and virus software on all covered PC’s, ensuring
we keep you up to date and always protected from Internet threats
Service Center Our service desk responds and acts on alerts, issues, and customer inquiries regarding
the covered components of their GenCare contract.
Patch Management Microsoft release updates regularly in the form of patches.
Our systems will monitor your site computers and we can automatically deploy the
updates – allowingclients to run the most current and secure versions. We will also
update the firmware on your routers and firewalls.
Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance is the best method we’ve found for decreasing
downtime and keeping security tight. This is provided on a monthly or quarterly
basis depending on the solution you select.
On-site Support for
Covered Systems
We will provide on-site service for covered systems, during normal
business hours. This includes the operating system and applications. If a
covered system fails, we will get the server operating system and data
restored and operational.
7×24 Remote and
On-site support
We will provide remote and on-site support for covered
systems on a 7×24 basis as part of our GenCare Total program.
Optional Optional
BonusCare On-Site
Network Admin Hours
As an option for either GenCare Plus or Total, we offer a discounted rate
for regularly scheduled blocks of hours for on-site network
administration tasks.
Optional Optional Optional
Server Imaging We will create and maintain images of your file servers for rapid restore in the
event of a server failure. (One time purchase of imaging licenses may be required)
Optional Optional Optional
Backup System
Monitor and
Our monitoring system will check your backup jobs on a nightly basis and
we will resolve issues with the backup solution, if they occur.
This service also includes periodic test restore to assure you the
system is functioning properly.
Optional Optional Optional
As part of this service we will setup (or manage your existing) spam
filtering for incoming email messages will be filtered, virtually
eliminating unwanted messages. (Either WebSense or MX Logic)
Optional Optional Optional
Off-Site Backup As on option, we will back up your critical data remotely and automatically,
removing the “human” element, or the potential for error, lost data, or
security breaches, ensuring your peace of mind in protecting and restoring vital
Optional Optional Optional
Projects We will continue to manage a variety of projects from concept through delivery
including network design, product procurement, upgrades, HW and SW
implementation, WAN/ LAN, security audits and VPN integration.
Optional Optional Optional
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