M-Files Contract Management

Get Control of Your Contracts

M-Files Contract Management enables organizations to efficiently automate key processes while also increasing visibility to ensure contracts do not inadvertently expire, or that important opportunities, such as a discount or a renegotiation period, are not missed. Contracts can be digitally signed even while out of the office using the M-Files mobile app. Key stakeholders can receive automated notifications related to key contract events, such as expiration and renewal dates, and secure access controls can be easily configured and enforced by roles, teams and projects to ensure that important contracts and agreements can only be accessed or modified by authorized team members.

M-Files ebook 6 Steps for Automating and Improving Contract Management

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6 Steps for Automating and Improving Contract Management

    M-Files Contract Management Supports the Entire Lifecycle of a Contract from Initiation to Archival

    • Initiate and request: Contract request templates can be created to streamline the initiation process. Template library includes approved and versioned contract templates.
    • Draft and negotiate: During the drafting and negotiation process, drafts are version controlled. Microsoft Office and Office 365 integration fosters collaboration.
    • Review and approve: Flexible workflows allow multi-step reviews and approvals.
    • Sign electronically: Documents can be signed using the eSignature capabilities of DocuSign or the M-Files Mobile App.
    • Execute: Milestones, obligations and issues are managed with automated assignments and notifications.
    • Manage: Contracts are indexed with key metadata such as clients, projects, or properties to help organize content dynamically. Amendments, attachments and other related documents can be linked to the main contract and dynamic dashboards track status, expirations and other milestones.
    • Search and retrieve: Advanced search and flexible views ensure fast contract retrieval.
    • Renew and archive: Automate manual renewal and archival process. On the sell side, alerts on expiration dates allow more time to upsell and cross-sell.
    M-Files Full visibility

    Full Visibility

    Have complete visibility into your contracts and contract processes knowing that you’ll always be accessing the latest version stored in a central repository. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the go, just use the mobile app!

    M-Files Ensure control

    Ensure Control

    Full audit history and version control together with automatic permissions allow you to protect sensitive contract data, decrease exposure to risk and ensure that only authorized users have access. Avoid penalties with instant notifications for milestones & expirations.

    M-Files Efficiency gains

    Efficiency Gains

    Utilize easy and consistent contract creation across the organization and automated workflows to seamlessly move contracts through their lifecycle and consistently keep staff updated on new tasks using notifications and assignments.

    M-Files 360⁰ view of contracts

    360⁰ View of Contracts

    Unlike other solutions, M-Files places your contracts in context with related information such as correspondence, customer/supplier info, terms, dates or any other attribute, allowing users to browse, process, find and manage contracts better.

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