Records Management

Is your company or department being driven to implement records management or incrementally improve what you’re already doing? Are your managers looking for solutions to address a stricter regulatory environment, growing litigation risks, vulnerabilities in the protection of vital information, as well as the ubiquitous proliferation of documents and records?

Over the past decade, information governance has become a new priority for many private and public sector organizations. General Networks can help you design and deploy an information management and governance program that enables you achieve your information governance objectives.

  • Our Certified Records Managers (CRMs) collaborate with your team to assess your organization’s compliance requirements, records management structure and retention needs for your electronic and physical records, and create streamlined file plans and retention schedules.
  • Our SharePoint, OpenText, and M-Files consultants work with managers and users to define technical and functional requirements, as well as assist you with the deployment of records and document management tools for a department or an enterprise.

We work with you from design to deployment to deliver a customized scalable records management program that helps your employees find information quicker, address cost concerns of growing information storage demands, and meet immediate and future requirements with regard to risk, compliance, and operation.

No matter your industry or IT infrastructure, we will work with your team to find a records management strategy that optimizes how your organization stores and finds information. Contact us today to learn more about our content management partners, our previous work with organizations on information governance programs, and how we can help you make the most of your valuable information.


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