Doc Minder- Business Process Management

Word-Tech’s DocMinder (document reminder system) is a cost effective, affordable and user-friendly software document management system that marries your documents to your existing e-mail system. In seconds a future tickler is attached to a document. On the correct day it is emailed with the document attached to the right person for action and audit reports to prove proper handling. By simply right clicking on a document, you can bring up a list of events associated to that document.

Benefits and features of DocMinder include:

  • Reduces costs and risks from missing critical dates, not following up with correct forms or following the correct steps
  • Automatically e-mails to alert responsible parties or departments of upcoming events
  • Allows for supervisors to be alerted of upcoming reminders as well
  • Fulfill Sarbanes Oxley compliance re: periodic document reviews
  • Reduce risk of picking the wrong version of the document when critical dates come due
  • Integrates with your document management system and most popular e-mail systems
  • Creates reports on pending events/activities with proper documents by individual, department, etc.
  • Reduces issues from personnel turnover

DocMinder can be used for:

  • Contracts with renewal dates, milestones, etc.
  • Litigation dates and/or tasks to track
  • Periodic document review (i.e. Sarbanes Oxley)
  • Maintenance and/or warranty review
  • Human Resources updates (employee reviews, benefit reminders)
  • Lease and Real Estate transactions
  • Insurance policy management
  • Claims management
  • Patent and copyright management
  • Correspondence management

If it is easy, it is more likely that users will enter proper information.

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