NoSQL Agility, Enterprise Capability


MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database. It is a new generation database that is built with a flexible data model to store, manage, and search today’s data, without sacrificing any of the data resiliency and consistency features of last-generation relational databases. The MarkLogic database is schema agnostic and ACID compliant.

Looking for a Big Data Solution? Look to MarkLogic.

MarkLogic software is optimized for structured and unstructured data—allowing you to store, manage, query and search across JSON, XML, RDF, geospatial data, text, and large binaries.

With the MarkLogic NoSQL database platform, you experience:

  • Simpler Data Integration. Ingest all of your data, in any format, as-is. Reduce the time and cost of expensive data mapping and integration work.
  • Powerful Search and Query. Enterprise Search is built in, not bolted on. Customizable indexing allows you to run complex queries across all your data using JavaScript, XQuery and SPARQL.
  • Semantics. Inside the platform, alongside your documents and other data, you have the power to store and query linked data, having a native RDF Triple Store that can be queried with SPARQL.
  • ACID Transactions. Unlike other NoSQL databases, MarkLogic is an operational and transactional database based on MVCC, and capable of ensuring enterprise transactional and data consistency.
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs. Deploy enterprise applications on cost-effective commodity servers on-premise or in the cloud, with the options to scale horizontally in the future.
  • One Unified Platform. No need to build separate systems for transactions, analytics and search. MarkLogic can perform all of those functions as a single platform and is ACID compliant.
  • Highest Security Certifications. MarkLogic has the highest security ratings of any NoSQL database, and is in use by the US Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.
  • Hadoop Optimization. MarkLogic and Hadoop together allows you to leverage the low cost of Hadoop storage, and benefit from enterprise features such as ACID transactions, high availability and disaster recovery, government-grade security, and performance monitoring.

How we can help

Let our experienced Consultants help you leverage the MarkLogic NoSQL software platform to store, manage, search, query and ultimately gain new insights from the massive amounts of heterogeneous data and content you generate each day.

General Networks Professional Services Export Utility
Our General Networks MarkLogic Professional Services team has developed a configuration driven data export utility.  We have made it available to the MarkLogic community for free.

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