Working with us is a SNAP!

Our ServiceNow App Package (SNAP) includes everything you need to get your new process designed, built, deployed and in use (not to mention, with high user adoption). Don’t wait 6 months or a year to start getting the return on investment from your new process – we’ll get you up and running in as little as 6 weeks!

What you get:

  • Design, development, testing and deployment of your new process.
  • Your submitters (requestors) will have visibility to the status of their request from beginning to end.
  • Approvers will have a simple, user friendly experience that will work on any device where ServiceNow is supported.

How long it takes:

If you’re ready to go, full implementation of your new ServiceNow request can be completed in as little as 6 weeks from kickoff. If a more relaxed schedule is preferred, projects can last up to 3 months.

Benefits of Using SNAP:

  • Get your use case built and deployed to production in as little as 6 weeks.
  • Allow your internal ServiceNow team to focus on other priorities.
  • Give real-time visibility to the status of portal requests to all authorized participants.
  • Trust that your implementation uses ServiceNow best practices.

Get your new ServiceNow App running in as little as six weeks!

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    SNAP Package Details

    See what’s included in the SNAP package, including the features of your new app.

    SNAPology: What is It?

    Learn how we have applied The Genesys Methodology™ to our
    ServiceNow Application Package (SNAP) program.

    Your Team

    P.J. Schwartz

    Your Account Manager

    P.J. Schwartz

    20+ years’ experience in a broad range of technologies including extensive workflow experience. P.J. will make sure working with our team is easy and yields great results!


    Your Designer

    Todd Withers

    25+ years’ experience with multiple workflow technologies. Todd will make sure your new process really works and achieves your business objectives.

    Javier Lizarraga

    Your Developer

    Javier Lizarraga

    25+ years’ experience with a variety of technologies from cutting edge to legacy.

    ServiceNow Certified
    Implementation Specialist


    Susan Mashevich

    Your Coordinator/tester

    Susan Mashevich

    Susan will make sure your app is fully tested and ready before we go to production!

    ServiceNow Certified


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