SharePoint Solution Support

Worry Less About SharePoint, Focus More on Your Users

SharePoint Server works best when it's monitored and maintained, but it requires the expertise many Windows Server and domain administrators don't possess.

With General Network's Solution Support option, you won't need to worry about maintaining SharePoint. Instead, you can focus on supporting your users.

Our Solution Support includes:

  • Regular monitoring of the SharePoint server environment for health alerts, outstanding SharePoint updates, usage and storage metrics.
  • Quick resolution of SharePoint server issues.
  • Assessment and recommendations to correct problems that have caused repeated issues and outages.
  • Resolving cross-functionality issues with Windows, SQL Server, and other desktop apps.
  • Monthly KPI reporting of metrics, issues and problems.

General Networks is here to assess how to best deploy, optimize and support a SharePoint solution for your organization. Contact us today for a complimentary demo, consultation or estimate.

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