Quality Management Best Practices: Moving Beyond Excel Spreadsheets

Building the Case for Going Digital with BPA Solutions' Quality Management Software

Quality management is a cornerstone for many organizations. It is often driven by compliance requirements such as ISO 9001:2015, but is increasingly being recognized as integral to business plans that drive toward excellence, safety and customer satisfaction.

Even with all the benefits of quality management, it can also be a cumbersome, manual effort managed through expansive Excel spreadsheets and tedious cross checking, updating and approval processes.

During this 30-minute on-line event, we'll demo BPA's Quality Management Software and show you how you can automate and manage the quality process, and:

  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Build community
  • Improve document access
  • Centralize tool access
  • Foster an easy-to-use experience
  • Create a visually inviting space

We also dive into the roadmap and steps to transitioning to an electronic QMS, including assessing your readiness, resource needs and functional requirements.

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    Meet the Speaker: Rachel Magasweran

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