M-Files Authorized Service Provider

M-Files Authorized Service Provider

Our mission is to improve user experience and increase system adoption across your organization.

General Networks is an M-Files Authorized Service Provider offering an array of consulting services.

The General Networks team includes M-Files certified solutions consultants, architects, analysts, and developers. Our certified team has over 25 years of experience in content management and records management, data conversion, and workflows.

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    We excel in four key areas:

    implementaion-M-Files Authorized Service Provider

    M-Files Implementation

    • Rapid implementation, you are up and running in a short time
    • Cloud and On-Premise
    • Design, Data Modeling and Prototype Review
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • User Training and Knowledge Transfer
    workflow-M-Files Authorized Service Provider


    • Automate repeatable processes your users perform manually today
    • Use notifications and alerts to keep tasks on track
    • Account for all process activity so nothing falls through the cracks
    • Reduce manual effort
    migration-M-Files Authorized Service Provider

    Content Migration to M-Files

    • Migrate content to M-Files
    • Clean up data before migration using ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial) Analysis
    • We can migrate your content from file shares as well as many document management systems
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    Support your M-Files implementation

    • Guarantee support continuity and resilience
    • Work with you on increasing users’ adoption
    • Customize your implementation
    • Systems upgrades

    Where We Operate

    General Networks HQ is located in Los Angeles, California, but we operate and provide our services to clients across the nation, including on-site and remote services.

    Learn more at www.gennet.com


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