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How to Choose the Right Digital Quality Management System (QMS)

Choosing the right digital quality management system means matching your needs with product features. Some vendors offer systems that have multiple, robust features, while other vendors offer a simplified digital QMS product. The QMS system you purchase largely depends on your organization’s current processes and anticipated future strategic objectives.

Making the best investment for your organization is a two-step process.

  1. Addressing if your QMS requires adherence to any standards.
  2. Identifying key features that are necessary for your company.

QMS Industry Standards

Most organizations require adherence to some industry standards. For example, the new ISO 9001:2015 standards include Risk Management, Integrated Expectations, and Voice of the Customer. These new standards involve a variety of technical and human capital considerations, ranging from the development of an audit trail to greater process integration with their clients and employees.

When exploring QMS solutions, it’s important to know if your vendor can provide you with feature functionalities necessary to be compliant with industry standards. Also, if you anticipate that adherence to new standards will systematically change critical business processes, check to see if the QMS can be customized to respond to these changes.

Aligning Your QMS Needs with Product Features

After addressing adherence to quality standards, you can start building the features you know you need now and the ones you may need later.

Critical features will typically include:

  • Business Process Management – Official documents including order processing, production planning, and policies.
  • Risk Management – A matrix that offers information related to the probability and severity of risks.
  • QMS Oversight Reporting – Dashboards that run in the background and grant you access to automatic reporting so you can monitor goals, trends, and issues.
  • Audit Features – Full control over the auditing management process, including content auditing, scheduling, and results.
  • Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) – Formal documentation of how a non-conformance was resolved with automated workflows to approve and document resolution.
  • KPIs – The ability to set key performance indicators that allow your organization to measure the steps necessary to stay on task to complete performance goals.

One of the challenges faced when moving to a new quality management system is cutting redundancy. Perhaps you”re already using software that addresses some of your required critical features. As you survey the digital QMS product landscape, you may notice that few vendors offer everything you need. Having a QMS functional requirement checklist will ensure you acquire the solution you need along with any additional inputs outside of the vendor offering.

Download our eBook on selecting the right QMS to learn more about the new industry standards and the key product features you should consider when investing in a digital quality management system.



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3 Ways a Digital QMS Can Boost Your ROI

Moving from a manual to a digital QMS is no easy decision. After explaining to upper-level management the benefits of a digital QMS, you will be asked the inevitable question: “What is our ROI?”

Since the move from a manual QMS to a digital QMS is a considerable investment in time and resources, you’ll need to be able to show how a digital system cuts costs, improves efficiency and saves time.
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3 Key Questions to Help Determine if You’re Ready to Adopt a Digital Quality Management System

Thinking about adopting a Digital Quality Management System?

Choosing the right digital quality management system for your organization begins with figuring out if you’re ready to adopt a new solution. Not all digital QM systems are created equal. Some only deal with specific problems while others offer a broad range of solutions. Depending on the size and scope of our business, some systems will be a better fit than others. Continue reading…

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General Networks is Now an M-Files Authorized Service Provider

General Networks Named M-Files Authorized Service Provider

As more and more organizations turn to M-Files’ technologies to support their enterprise content management initiatives, they need a partner to help them architect and optimize the solution for their own unique environment. As a M-Files Authorized Service Partner, General Networks serves as an extension of your professional services organization to expand and accelerate your ability to implement and integrate the M-Files’ solution. 

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M-Files in the News: iGas Taps M-Files for Quality Management and ISO 9001 Certification, and Gains Much More

Clients deploying M-Files Quality Management have learned that the M-Files platform can be leveraged to manage business processes throughout their organizations.  iGas Energy, a British on-shore oil and gas exploration and production company, selected M-Files to better manage the ISO 9001 certification process and other safety and compliance activities.

“We originally deployed M-Files for compliance purposes, specifically to help us meet an ISO 9001 requirement to manage our Integrated Management System documentation,” said Chris Holly, Head of IT at IGas, “but since then, we’ve expanded our use of M-Files across the business as a comprehensive platform to manage as much of our company information and related processes as possible.

“From the outset it was clear M-Files could be easily configured to meet our specific needs. It was simple and straightforward to integrate M-Files into the various parts of our business and thus enable a deeper level of collaboration and secure information sharing from department to department.”

For more details and short video explaining how iGas has automated many of their core business processes, from oil and gas exploration, to managing licenses to processing expense reports, please view the full article here:  iGas Taps M-Files for Quality Management and ISO 9001 Certification, gains much more.


General Networks Corporation uses the M-Files platform to help organizations build solutions for quality management and compliance, document and records management and other business processes.

Please contact Cathy Ashbaugh, to discuss how M-Files can help your organization.

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