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Helping clients realize their business objectives

Networks has helped countless clients in California and across the country realize their business objectives through customized content management and network management services. We feel like we did a good job, but why not hear about our service straight from our clients. Please review our client testimonials below.

We are a mid-sized financial services organization with a handful of nationwide offices and we badly needed assistance in launching a legal contract approval system for our third party vendor contracts. I had discovered MS Powerapps while exploring Sharepoint approval and workflow options but didn’t have the time, knowledge or resources to get it to work for us. I found General Networks online and from the moment I made contact with Cathy, the road was paved with gold. She promptly and accurately identified the services we would need and offered an affordable solution that met with my manager’s approval. Once Ingrid stepped in the project took off quickly and smoothly and we had our solution ready to roll ahead of schedule! I am very impressed with General Networks – particularly their depth of knowledge and responsiveness. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship working with them.

Jeff Reisner, Senior Paralegal – Newport Group

General Networks was recommended to us from an ISO auditor for development of our change management process. They assessed the SharePoint platform we had available, recommended changes to our IT department based on their assessment in order to meet our needs, then developed the program with weekly reviews to validate design. When the project was completed, we were presented with a thorough and easy to use users guide for the SharePoint workflow solutions delivered.

General Networks came in on budget and I would highly recommend using them for similar projects.

Toni Blaettner, Global Process Excellence Manager – CPI Card Group, Inc.

General Networks’ process is not unlike what we do with our customers. That made sense to us. It was pretty amazing how quickly Ingrid was able to gain an understanding of our business processes. We have very happy contracts and finance teams.

Jim Brandt, Director of Operations, RT Logic


I’ve been working with General Networks for over 10 years and couldn’t be happier with their broad and deep expertise and the excellent service they provide. General Networks is engaged in a number of roles that serve the enterprise – consulting, project work and ongoing support of implemented systems, just to name a few. They’re consultants are extremely easy to work and I frequently receive positive feedback from customers about the individuals we have on staff from GNC. General Networks works hard to meet the needs of my department and our enterprise; they are very reliable when it comes to delivering a great product within budget and on time. I highly recommend their services.

Cynthia Lodyga, Sr. Manager – Global Entertainment Company

I have had the opportunity to manage a custom, SharePoint platform, and workflow system with General Networks Corporation and was very impressed with the accountability, responsiveness and professionalism displayed by all of Gennet’s team members. We enjoyed the work and launched a stable system on time and on budget! Congratulations to a great team, Todd Withers, Ingrid Camill and Jonathon Fung as well.

Katy Slater, PMP – Global Entertainment Company

General Networks is responsible for our SharePoint implementation being a complete success. With their help, we have reduced our paper usage by over 50%, have automated several processes using workflow, have gone paperless in several departments, and have developed team sites for collaboration across our separate locations. General Networks’ SharePoint team supported us every step of the way and worked within our budget. Without their expertise, the project could not possibly have gone as smoothly.

Mary Young, Senior Vice President Administration


Your professionalism, patience with troubleshooting and adapting implementation projects has helped us have the stable environment we host today. Thank you!

Ann, Astra Oil


Talking to another business owner I would definitely recommend GNC, it’s a necessity. We live in a technological world now and we aren’t experts, that’s why we need you. It makes it worry free; we want to always know we have back up, that is something that GNC provides us.

Linda, Mijares Restaurant


We had staff that were spending their time on IT when they should have been focusing on clients. Now we can let them focus on their jobs and you focus on our IT. This shift alone has undoubtedly saved us thousands of dollars every year.

Cassandra, Prototypes



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