Plan, implement and customize SharePoint for your organization’s unique needs

Solutions include:

SharePoint Optimization Solutions

General Networks can optimize your SharePoint deployment, implement new features and provide ongoing support to ensure that your SharePoint infrastructure is healthy, compliant and integrated into your critical business processes and systems.

We specialize in planning, implementing, customizing, optimizing, and supporting SharePoint solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs.

SharePoint Environment Assessment

We meet with your IT team and business stakeholders to examine any existing configuration of SharePoint.

SharePoint Environment Report

Once completed, you’ll receive a series of recommendations that will enable you to harness the full functionality and capabilities of SharePoint.

SharePoint Consulting Services

Our team will show you how to maximize SharePoint to increase collaboration, employee engagement, and business processes automation.

SharePoint Support

With our SharePoint solution support, you won’t need to worry about maintaining SharePoint. Instead, you can focus on supporting your users.

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Since SharePoint’s release in 2001, it has sold more than 100 million licenses, attracted more than 17,000 user companies, and generated more than $1 billion in sales for Microsoft. It has become the must have technology when it comes to collaborating and managing content management.  It not only offers easy integration with Microsoft Office desktop and cloud-based applications at a reasonable price, but it also offers companies tools for building everything from collaborative applications to Intranet, Extranet, and Internet sites.

Key features include:

  • Collaboration
  • Business Processes and Forms
  • Business Intelligence/Reporting
  • Enterprise Content Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Search
  • Portals

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