Joe Woes | Why You Should Save Your Files to SharePoint!

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SharePoint Administer, Joe Woes, is about to lose his mind!

The sales guy’s hard drive just crashed, and he lost all of his sales proposals and many of his other important business documents. If only he had followed corporate policy and saved everything to the company’s SharePoint drive.  Sound familiar?

Are you like Joe…frustrated because your employees don’t utilize SharePoint to its fullest capabilities?

General Networks can help! Though our SharePoint Consulting Services, our team will show you how to maximize your SharePoint platform to increase collaboration and employee engagement, so documents never get lost again.

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sharepoint content management

9 Reasons You Should Use SharePoint as a Content Management System

SharePoint is an effective and flexible content management system that can take your organization beyond basic file storage. Here’s 9 reasons to consider using a SharePoint content management system for your organization.

1) Eliminate Collaborating on Documents Through Email

At its core, SharePoint is a document collaboration tool. SharePoint eliminates the messiness of the back-and-forth emailing of documents and other files. Store and share the file from a SharePoint document library and all stakeholders can add their content and provide feedback on the draft simultaneously. Continue reading…

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Digital Quality Management System - Medical Device Organizations

Digital Quality Management Systems for Medical Device Organizations

As part of the medical device industry, you face significant regulatory pressures. FDA compliance is key in ensuring your products pass clinical trial phases and come to market. The cornerstone of FDA compliance is the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). The CGMP emphasizes the necessity of having a quality management system (QMS) in place to track, monitor, and review all of your production and management processes. Continue reading…

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Quality Management Practices for Aerospace Manufacturers

Quality Management Practices for Aerospace Manufacturers

Aerospace Manufacturers are Ditching Paper and Going Digital

Across all tiers of aerospace manufacturing and supply, the functionality and reliability of an organization’s QMS is an essential component to the safety and success of products. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) require strict adherence to rigorous production standards. This sets a quality management precedence across all production, manufacturing, and supply chain lines across the aerospace production industry.

Continue reading…

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7 Most Common Mistakes Made When Deploying a SharePoint Intranet

7 Most Common Mistakes Made When Deploying a SharePoint Intranet

An organization’s intranet is the digital resource that connects users with decision makers, broadcasts a company’s vision, and helps spread the company culture. When done right, a strong intranet provides answers, routes questions, distributes updates, and shares corporate news and happenings required by users to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.  Continue reading…

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Joe Woes | We already own SharePoint!

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SharePoint Administer, Joe Woes, is frustrated again!

His colleagues just don’t seem to realize that everything they want in a system is already available at their fingertips with SharePoint…and, they already own it. Does this sound familiar?

We are here to help. Though General Networks’ SharePoint Consulting Services, our team will show you how to maximize your SharePoint platform to increase collaboration, employee engagement, and business processes automation.

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SharePoint paperless office

7 Ways to Become a Paperless Office with SharePoint

The paper office is not efficient. By creating redundant layers of content management confusion, the paper office slows down all business processes that require some form of content to operate. However, most organizations still employ a workflow that goes something like: stare at a digital document dump, take multiple trips to the copier/scanner, upload files into folders, create multiple layers of subfolders, and try to create a content hierarchy that makes sense to shareholders, decision makers, and employees. That’s not a paperless process, but it sure is a wasteful one. SharePoint enables offices to truly go paperless by automating content management tasks in seconds.

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How to Cure the Top 5 SharePoint Management Headaches

Here are 5 of the most common SharePoint management headaches and what you can do to put an end to them forever.

1. SharePoint Management and Updates 

Patching SharePoint may appear simple at first glance, but once you begin to understand that SharePoint updates come in variety of forms, the process begins to take on some complexity.  When do you install Public Updates?  Should you install Cumulative Updates or Service Packs?  Is there an order or priority for installing the updates?  What about patching the Windows Server and SQL Server?  And, if your organization has a multi-server farm, you’ll have to do all this on each server while minimizing downtime on your farm.

2. SharePoint Management and Your Server Topology

When it comes to improving the speed of your business processes and reducing (or even eliminating) manual content management, a customized SharePoint solution can be your best friend. However, maintaining SharePoint solutions across your servers can be downright frustrating. IT departments have to plan for different tiered server topologies and how business priorities fit into server roles. Managing this process increases in complexity the more customized your SharePoint architecture becomes.

3. Managing the SharePoint Storage Environment

Since SharePoint relies on SQL Server for content storage, poor performance and user dissatisfaction can often be caused by what’s happening at the storage level. Without a deep understanding of how SharePoint is structured, its functional limitations and boundaries, many IT departments can spend costly time troubleshooting their networking infrastructure or some portion of their existing SharePoint configuration without realizing it could be a problem with the data storage system or information architecture.  Without watchful eyes monitoring the health of the SQL environment and the size of the most popular sites and libraries, the potential amount of data stored on an underpowered SQL database can induce a major SharePoint headache.

4. Managing the SharePoint Service Accounts and Administrative Privileges

Managing and deploying service accounts is a tedious but necessary step in enterprise workflow and security. Deciding which users get administrative and design access and which users operate under what level of security can make or break your data safety protocols. Though SharePoint puts an emphasis on data security and distributed administration, how you keep your assets safe while expecting to scale up and down as needed can cause gaps in account policies. Between user error, third party add-ins, SharePoint updates, there is a constant need to monitor how the technical components of SharePoint challenge and complement your organizational culture.

5. SharePoint Management for Leveraging Back-End Analytics

Monitoring the health of a deployed SharePoint solution begins with monitoring SharePoint usage. SharePoint provides analytics on users, storage, operational health and web page popularity. Structuring these insights in a way that answers operations related questions can be challenging. The challenge compounds when you realize that you may need more detailed insights and need to search for a third-party analytics solution or add-in.

The Cure to Your SharePoint Management Headaches

With SharePoint Solution support from General Networks, you can focus on using and expanding SharePoint to meet your business goals. SharePoint Solution support works with your IT department to:

  • Monitor the overall health of your SharePoint server environment via health alerts, outstanding SharePoint updates, usage and storage metrics
  • Quickly resolve SharePoint server issues and assess underlying problems that have caused repeated issues and outages
  • Provide monthly KPI reporting of metrics, issues and problems
  • Support your organization through routine upgrades and administrative updates
  • Provide support and answers to escalated user inquiries

Instead of trying to figure out how to make SharePoint work, you can spend your resources enabling SharePoint to work for you.

Our SharePoint Solution support can elevate SharePoint to a finely tuned and key business asset. Contact us to transform your SharePoint experience.


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Seamlessly Integrate DocuSign Electronic Signatures into ServiceNow Workflows with eSignifi

esignifi - Integrate DocuSign Electronic Signatures into ServiceNow Workflows

eSignifi, recently launched by General Networks, is an app that seamlessly integrates DocuSign with the ServiceNow platform. Prior to eSignifi, users had to leave the ServiceNow platform to take full advantage of DocuSign. Now, users across multiple business units can combine ServiceNow’s automation, streamlining, and structuring power with DocuSign’s electronic signature capabilities. Continue reading…

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